Is there support for Azure AKS

I installed on an AKS cluster, install succeeded, but logs of a pos show the following. I see AWS and GCP in environment tester lines.
time=“2021-10-08T13:30:04.225798082Z” level=info msg=“Starting Prodfiler Host Agent (revision head-80617234, build timestamp 1633511081)”
time=“2021-10-08T13:30:04.250302160Z” level=info msg=“Automatically determining environment and machine ID …”
time=“2021-10-08T13:30:04.254630344Z” level=warning msg=“Environment tester (gcp) failed: failed to get GCP metadata: metadata: GCE metadata “instance/id” not defined”
time=“2021-10-08T13:30:04.254632644Z” level=warning msg="Environment tester (aws) failed: failed to get aws metadata: EC2MetadataRequestError: failed to get EC2 instance identity document\ncaused by: 400 Bad Request: Bad Request\n\tstatus code: 400, request id: \ncaused by: EC2MetadataError: failed to make EC2Metadata request\nBad Request\n\tstatus code: 400, request id: "
time=“2021-10-08T13:30:04.256847687Z” level=info msg=“Environment: azure, machine ID: 0xd5a6b330f71e957d”
time=“2021-10-08T13:30:04.256871288Z” level=info msg=“Assigned ProjectID: 714”
time=“2021-10-08T13:30:05.075230242Z” level=info msg=“Start CPU metrics”
time=“2021-10-08T13:30:05.075489247Z” level=info msg=“Start I/O metrics”
time=“2021-10-08T13:30:05.406334696Z” level=info msg=“Found fsbase offset: 4968 (via x86_fsbase_write_task)”
time=“2021-10-08T13:30:05.406732604Z” level=info msg=“Environment variable DOCKER_HOST not set”
time=“2021-10-08T13:30:05.411260192Z” level=info msg=“eBPF tracer loaded”
time=“2021-10-08T13:30:12.770716610Z” level=info msg=“Attached tracer program”
time=“2021-10-08T13:30:12.771038516Z” level=info msg=“Attached sched monitor”
time=“2021-10-08T13:30:15.821243478Z” level=error msg=“Unable to report executable metadata for /proc/15092/map_files/55b4a7c79000-55b4a7cb1000: could not readlink /proc/15092/map_files/55b4a7c79000-55b4a7cb1000: readlink /proc/15092/map_files/55b4a7c79000-55b4a7cb1000: no such file or directory”
time=“2021-10-08T13:30:15.821428481Z” level=error msg=“Failed to preload /proc/15092/map_files/55b4a7c79000-55b4a7cb1000 (/proc/15092/map_files/55b4a7c79000-55b4a7cb1000): failed to extract interval data: failed to extract stack deltas from /proc/15092/map_files/55b4a7c79000-55b4a7cb1000: failure to open/parse ELF (/proc/15092/map_files/55b4a7c79000-55b4a7cb1000): open /proc/15092/map_files/55b4a7c79000-55b4a7cb1000: no such file or directory”



We simultaneously check for different environments, like GCP, AWS and Azure.
Unfortunately the log lines of non succeed environment tests are more prominent than the successful ones. And in your case it looks like we have detected the correct environment as the following log line from your output shows:

Environment: azure, machine ID: 0xd5a6b330f71e957d


Thank you, I was overlooking that line.

Also I needed to adjust my global time window in the online project. I did not realize it was still looking at a 1 hour window before data was transferred.