Is Docker required to deploy the prodfiler agent on a single host?

the referenced deployment script shows that prodfiler is a docker container. Is it possible to deploy the agent directly to a machine, without requiring docker to be installed?


Our current plan is to release a non-docker artifact soon (within a week or so). Would a standalone binary work for you?

Standalone binary would be great! Could use it right away.

Perfect! I don’t have one to offer you right now, but we’ll let you know as soon as it’s available (we have a bit of work left to do to embed ebpf artifacts)

Out of curiosity (and if you don’t mind me asking questions :slight_smile: ): would you use the docker image for anything once you had the standalone binary? Or is the standalone binary better for you in all cases?
Lastly, would you also prefer a standalone binary over deb and/or rpm packages? (packages could provide an easier way to update, plus systemd integration)

We don’t allow docker on our hosts right now, so I don’t see us using it in the future unless our deployment model changes (which always can happen). I wouldn’t say never, but it has minimal utility for us atm.

Standalone binary is great but RPM/DEB is preferable for installing and upgrading.
(GitHub - jordansissel/fpm: Effing package management! Build packages for multiple platforms (deb, rpm, etc) with great ease and sanity.) Unless you guys enjoy writing spec,debbuild files. :slight_smile:

Don’t mind questions at all.

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I’ve got docker on most of my deployed hosts but the ones I most urgently need Prodfiler on (a creaky old database cluster) are the hosts that don’t have docker.

Any ETA on a non-docker agent artifact? (No strong preference on the form, although debian packages that start in their postinstall before you get a chance to edit the config are a pet peeve of mine, so ideally not that.)

Hey there :wave:

The latest Prodfiler host-agent release is available! :tada:
For this release we have the raw binary and DEB/RPM packages published at

as well as the usual Docker release.

Instructions on how to deploy host-agent’s binary releases are in the website, under the project’s menu “Instructions” item.

Let us know your feedback :pray: